About Eureka!

A Great Resource for Retouchers, Photographers and Digital Imaging Professionals

The Gry Garness eBooks and video tutorials on retouching and colour are written by a working retoucher and former fashion and advertising photographer with extensive experience of teaching retouching techniques. These tutorials are tried and tested in a professional workflow. The eBooks have developed since 2007, when they were created for pro photographers who came to Gry to learn about retouching. The books have proved to be a great source of new ideas and methods for thousands of digital operators, retouchers and graphic designers.

The tutorials and techniques that are demonstrated are not the typical ‘paint by numbers’ tutorials that you can find all over the internet. Instead these tutorials focus on tried and tested techniques, and solving real world problems faced by professional retouchers.


From Photo Retouching DVD To On Demand Photoshop Video Tutorials

The Gry Garness DVD, Beauty Retouching Techniques 
in Photoshop has been a great success but with ever faster internet connections, the DVD format is on the wane. Today, most viewers want to watch photo retouching video tutorials immediately, so we’ve introduced a video rental and subscription channel for streaming the Gry Garness Photoshop video tutorials, with flexibility to roll out new content with more fluidity.


Did You Know that Gry’s Are the Original Photoshop Retouching eBooks?

The first Gry Garness eBooks were created in 2007.  The Essential Color Management and Essential Color Optimization eBooks were designed in the 3 column landscape format. This has become our trademark, perfect for the computer screen, with a crisp clean screen quality. These PDF eBooks don’t pretend to be print books!

The first magazine review slated it for being an eBook, on the grounds that it would cost a lot to print! We now create interactive books with before/after rollovers and video. The multimedia eBooks maintain the same high resolution and quality and style, and are really intuitive. Digital Retouching for Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography was our first interactive eBook, followed by The Hidden Colors and True Colors.

Please do not confuse the Gry Garness Beauty retouching ebook with the 2013 title by Julia Kuzmenko that calls itself  almost by the same name: ‘Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography’. That book does not have the same qualities, nor the comprehensive content.

I’ve purchased several of your e-books and you’ve really got a great way of approaching problems in a logical, smart way and explaining them in a way that’s easy to absorb and learn from.

Just a quick note to say a big thank you. I got your Beauty Retouching DVD the day after ordering and have been glued to my Mac ever since. My whole workflow has shifted from the more ‘gung ho’, you tube style of retouching to a much more subtle and methodical approach. I love the style of presentation and your obvious technical and artistic knowledge.

I have purchased your retouching DVD and it has immensely helped me to develop my retouching skills. Thank you for being an exceptional teacher.