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Gry Garness eBooks Are a Great Resource for Photographers & Retouchers

The Gry Garness eBooks on retouching and colour are written by a working retoucher and former fashion and advertising photographer with extensive experience of teaching retouching techniques. These tutorials are tried-and-tested in a professional workflow.

The eBooks have developed since 2007,  when they were created for pro photographers who came to Gry to learn about retouching. The books have proved to be a great source of new ideas and methods for thousands of digital operators, retouchers and graphic designers.


Our Aim: To Help You Refine and Develop Your Post-Production

These eBooks are crammed with techniques, ideas and guidance on retouching. You’ll find solutions to most problems you’ll come across when retouching portrait, fashion or beauty images. ‘Digital Retouching for Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Photography‘ has the feel of a good cookbook for retouching. The colour books make light work of the theory and the ‘heavy’ stuff you absolutely need to know if you want to master colour.

Retouching e-book pages

The Gry Garness eBooks are in landscape format, with a screen-readable typeface and intuitive layout. The latest (CS5 onwards) are interactive PDF, with offline video inside the books, before/after images, and extra info in pop-ups. Compared to print books the PDF format is ideal. You can zoom in on details in images and easily cross-reference  through hyperlinks. The Search feature in Adobe Reader is like a super-index. The eBooks are optimized for Adobe Reader – a totally free utility!

e-book pages

There are currently 3 editions of the retouching book and a series of in-depth color eBooks in the works. Hidden Colors and True Colors are the first in the series. See screenshots on details from the ebooks on their individual pages.

Retouching e-book pages


The History of Eureka eBooks

The original idea of our e-books was to create high quality digital books tailored for screen reading, with no pretence to being print books, and with all the benefits of zooming, linking and dynamic searching. In the early days we had to explain what an eBook was, and we were at first criticised for using this format. Today, sales of eBooks exceeds printed book sales.

e-book pages True Colors

When we first launched we could find no precedent for what we wanted to do, but since then we have seen many small publishers adopt a similar format to our 3-column A4 landscape layout. Back then it wasn’t possible to create interactivity in PDFs, but it was already high on Eureka’s wishlist.

With the latest versions of InDesign it has become possible to create interactive books with before/after rollovers, video, pop-ups and room for a lot more engaging information and intuitive learning, still maintaining the high resolution and quality.

The Digital Retouching for Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography eBook was our first interactive eBook with videos, followed by The Hidden Colors and followed by True Colors, our most recent release.

The title is absolutely comprehensive and completely methodical… The e-book pages are littered with postproduction tips, not purely digital practices… Gry Garness stamps her quality and professionalism all over this title’s creative techniques. Rating 9/10.
Advanced Photoshop Magazine


My books and tutorials are about photography, and how to make a good photograph look amazing. I admit that I love photography more than retouching and I see retouching techniques more as solutions to image problems and optimisation for great images, rather than photoshopping as an end in itself. That’s why I tend to avoid ‘fantasy looks’ and effects, comps or blurs that don’t look photographic. I relate everything back to the capture of an image, and help my students with tips that are going to improve the capture and make it ideal for manipulation. I integrate colour management and quality control through the whole process, so that you end up with images that can be used from billboard to the web.
Gry Garness