Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked pre-sale questions and some instant solutions to most support questions. Select the category that fits your question (e.g. ‘eBooks’) and you’ll be presented with a list of the most commonly asked questions.

If you are still unable to find the answer to your question then send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

Yes. Navigate to one of the video pages and click the “Free Preview” button. The preview videos are short versions of the full video tutorials and are streamed in the exact same way. If the previews work then the full tutorials will also work.

Yes. We have created the videos at the highest possible quality for viable output, delivering an amazingly crisp rendition even on high-resolution screens.

The Player will first open in a small window contained within the web page. You can expand to full screen by clicking the the ‘expand’ arrows button. The Player defaults to HD – High Definition. When HD is on, the HD button is orange/red.

All of our Photoshop video tutorials are streamed directly from Vimeo. Vimeo use an automatic frame rate adaption technology to stream videos. This technology will adjust the resolution of the video being streamed to the best possible quality for the current connection.

We strongly recommend a fast and reliable internet connection of at least 15Mb. We use Vimeo as our content delivery service for streaming our tutorials. If you can watch other videos hosted on Vimeo without any problems then you should be able to watch our video tutorials without any issues.

Before you rent a video or subscribe, please make sure you test the HD streaming by watching one of the previews. We do not under any circumstance provide video file downloads, due to the amount of pirating.

All of our video tutorials are hosted and served via Vimeo. Vimeo now uses rate adaptive technology while streaming videos to prevent choppy playback. Vimeo will automatically adjust the video resolution for your internet connection.

Therefore if you press the HD button but the playback does not change to High Definition then it’s because at that time your internet connection is not fast enough to stream the HD version.

The five small bars at the bottom right of the video player, next to the HD symbol, should be orange/red. If they are not on, it’s because you’ve turned them off (accidentally or otherwise) and it’s going to be muted!

There is nothing we can do at our end to give you a better internet connection, and we do not give refunds for failing internet connection.

If you are concerned about streaming quality before making a purchase then please watch some of the free previews that can be found on the individual product pages before making a purchase.

If you choose to follow these tips then you do so at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter. Having said that, the tips detailed below do offer some ways to improve your internet connection.

1) Use ethernet cables to connect your computer to your router. Ethernet cables will always provide a more stable and faster connection than wireless.

2) If you are using a wireless connection, try moving your device closer to the wireless router. Wireless signal degrades quickly the further away you are from the router.

3) iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices generally have weaker wireless reception than most portable computers.

4) Try performing a hard reset on the router by turning it off and then back on again.

5) Try streaming the videos at another time of day. Some ISP’s limit internet traffic/streaming speed at certain times of day. Usually this is early evening and weekend mornings.

Our interactive PDF ebooks are best enjoyed on a desktop computer using Adobe Reader. This enables you to zoom in on the images and enjoy the rollovers for before-after versions/alternatives, video clips, audio and extra info in pop-ups. In Adobe Reader you can search text by any word, like a super-index linking to all pages from the Contents page. Read hands-free and dock it when you’ve got your hands-on in Photoshop. The PDFs are landscape so they fit the screen. With a laptop you can use the ebook and follow the tutorials on your main computer. All the content works when you’re offline.

Unfortunately not, currently you can only view a flat (non interactive) version of the ebooks on an iPad, using apps like Adobe Reader, iBooks or Good Reader. Due to limitations put in place by Apple, iOS devices do not display any interactive elements and render them invisible. We can supply a flat version of the ebooks, for those who wish to use it on the iPad. Please contact us directly if you require a flat version of your ebook.

After purchasing you’ll be taken straight to a download link. Click it and a zip file downloads automatically to the usual download location on your computer. Note that it doesn’t open automatically! If you have any download problems, have a look at the Support FAQ below or if all else fails, contact us and we will help you get the download.

No! These ebooks are copyright protected and we ask you kindly not to ‘share’. They have taken a lot of hard work and are not simply copies of other tutorials or books. The only thing you will achieve by ‘sharing’ is that we stop producing them, for lack of reward or incentive. We have in the past been able to crack down on sharing and pirates and we are constantly keeping an eye out for it!

The eBooks do not provide all the images. In the Beauty Retouching CS5 eBook there is a limited set of images in the downloadable Resources folder. In part 5 there is a chapter on sourcing images and collaborating with photographers with links to another 18 images used in the book, from iStockphoto and Shutterstock. You do have to pay the stock provider if you wish to use them. Free images on the internet are usually quite useless or low in quality and we don’t use them.

If images are shot by photographers who make a living from it, with professional models, make-up artists etc, where all parties have agents – the images simply can’t be free! There are other books and DVDs on the market with a paint-by-numbers approach. If you’re a beginner that is probably exactly what you need. Our books are aimed at those who are already retouching and are faced with a multitude of scenarios demanding different solutions. Our eBooks are also more aimed at photographers who need retouching, rather than those with no photographic experience who want to learn retouching. Our typical user will already have loads of images to work on.

Yes! You can print the entire book or just the pages you need. The eBooks fit perfectly on an A4 or US letter. We like the idea of saving trees! However please note that you need the flat version for print, so please contact us for this.

Sorry to hear that. We can send you a new download link, if you send us an email from the same email address that you used for the purchase, with the date of purchase and full name, so we can easily find you. However, lost eBooks or files are not priority support cases and you may not get a reply on the same day and only on weekdays. As we state in the Read Me and delivery email, if the file is important to you, you need to ensure that you have up to date back ups like any other important file.

Please check first that it’s not already downloaded as a zip file in your Downloads folder or whatever location on your computer your downloads normally go. Unlike some PDFs, this will not open automatically once it’s downloaded, because it’s a zipped file that contains multiple files within.

If you have established that the download is not working, you may want to check a couple of things before you try again. Does your computer have a firewall? If you are at work, it is very likely that many (but not all) online commerce sites are blocked. In that case, you might be better off downloading to another machine and then moving the file to your own.

Have you checked that your internet connection is stable? Every internet connection – however fast it may be – is highly variable and it may time out with the server if it’s too slow. Try a speed test to check the connection and if it’s low or not responding, choose to download somewhere else or perhaps wait a few hours. We find that internet connections are generally better in the morning than in the evening. We have some very good tips for internet optimization on the videos & streaming help page.

See the above question ‘My eBook is not downloading’. You might need to get the download from another internet connection or simply wait. If you end up using your 5 tries, we will send you a new link but that may not solve your internet problem or possible firewall, which are things totally outside our control.

Please note that our business hours might be in the middle of the night for you and vice versa! Please white-list eureka-publishing on your email client to make sure you receive our replies. When emailing us please describe exactly what’s happening and send a screenshot of your actual download speed. Test it here.

This may be a computer permissions issue, i.e. a setting on your computer, not permitting you to open the document. Some Windows computers consider downloaded ZIP files as ‘foreign’ files and you may have to click the Unblock button in the Properties of the file. This will liberate a file that your OS has automatically encrypted. It’s rarer on a Mac. On a Mac, the computer administrator (owner) will have to unblock the permissions for the actual file or for this type of file.

It might be that the computer doesn’t have up-to-date unzipping software, or someone (usually an over-zealous IT-friend) has put some kind of block on certain types of documents. Most computers are friendly to WinZips like the ones we use to package the ebooks, and a lot of downloads come packaged like this, so you’d be wise to get this set up to work without a hitch.

Very rarely, people have trouble opening the document because they are trying to open it in the wrong application. The only application you should use for these PDF files is Adobe Reader because it can support everything the document offers, including movies and rollovers. Do make sure that the files actually do open in Adobe Reader, as it’s possible to still open it in the wrong software, even if you have Adobe Reader installed. Get the latest Adobe Reader, which is the (free) software we recommend for reading the PDFs.

Some of the images are blank. Unfortunately, the interactive PDF format is not supported on iPads due to restrictions put in place by Apple. This is something determined by Adobe and Apple, not by us and hopefully they will add that capacity in later versions of the iOS. We do provide a ‘flat’ copy on request. This can be used for personal study annotations and bookmarking, iPads (Adobe Reader, GoodReader or iBooks) as well as allowing one print per purchase. If you have purchased an ebook and you’re interested in a link to a Flat copy, please get in touch with us.

In order to get the images and resources you must download the Resources folder. The red ‘Download Resources’ links in the Read Me file will take you there, as well as the ‘Download resources for this book’ link on page 2 of all the Digital Retouching for Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography ebooks.

The Gry Garness Presets and Actions work fine in CC and CS6. You can easily migrate your presets if you already had them installed in the right place in CS5. In that case, just go to Edit > Presets > Migrate Presets while in Photoshop CS6 or CC. However, on a Mac with a OSX 10.8 or later the Actions and Presets will need installing in a different way because you can’t navigate directly to the Library / Application Support folder. The Mac’s User Library is now hidden. In the Finder’s Go menu, use the Go To Folder command, where you simply type in ~/Library and press Go! (note the ~ Tilde key!)

You will as usual have to load the presets from the tool preset picker, either through Load Presets or by finding them at the bottom of the flyout menu.

We are based in and trade from the UK. PayPal will automatically convert the amount of your order based on the current exchange rate. If you would like to see the current exchange rate you can visit Universal Currency Converter.

We use Paypal as the payment gateway to sell our products. Eureka Imaging Publications Ltd is a verified merchant and has had good experience with Paypal for several years. It’s the most secure way of buying online.

No. This is copyrighted material and sharing the contents will discourage us from repeating the tremendous amount of work that it takes to produce it. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for full details.

The online video tutorials that are available to watch contain the most up to date retouching methods and are our latest products. Unless you have a particularly slow internet connection then we would recommend the streaming option.

We are in a development period at the moment and we need to do some comparisons between the streaming and DVDs. DVD players are being phased out and therefore we are not currently planning to put the new content on DVDs. However, should there be a high demand for it, we may look at this as a future addition.

Sorry, we do not allow the download of the DVD’s files. If you wish to purchase a non-physical product then please view the online tutorials which you can stream to your device.

The DVD-ROM discs are designed for computer DVD drives and the DVD is played through an internet browser. The content can be viewed offline and no internet connection is necessary. The product is not designed for DVD players connected to TVs or home entertainment systems.

Yes, please follow these instructions but note that you do so at your own risk. If you perform this workaround we would advise you to reverse the process after you have finished watching the DVD.

In Safari Preferences > Security, click the Manage Website Settings button.

Highlight Adobe Flash Player (usually set by default) and in the drop-down that says Allow, choose Run in Unsafe Mode and click Done.

On the dialog asking are you sure? click Trust. It should work fine now!

Ooops, that sounds like it may be a disc failure! Please contact us after you have established that they behave differently and we’ll see how we can best solve it. If we find that it’s actual disc failure, we’ll send you a replacement. Please use the same name and email address as you used for the purchase and provide a proof of purchase or at the very least the date when you purchased it.

They are there but if you don’t see them it’s because the screen you’re viewing on is smaller than the actual pixels of the DVD. Some people will want to view the movies on smaller screens than our stated screen requirements (minimum 1280px x 1024px). This can be done by using the browser zoom. Use command/control + minus on the keyboard or from the view menu: View > Zoom. We have chosen NOT to auto-fit to a smaller window in order to achieve the best quality viewing experience.

For shipping outside the UK we don’t offer a self-tracking service but we can track packages from here so please contact us immediately if a package has not been received within the expected timeline. You will be expected to sign for the package upon delivery, so please make sure there is someone there to sign for it. When packages go missing it’s usually because of address faults or because no-one is there to sign for it. These items are returned to us. When contacting us please use the same name and email address as for the original purchase. We prefer to offer support by email, as we then have a written record and it’s more likely to be followed up correctly with the couriers.

In the event that you should receive a faulty disc we will replace it with a new one, without delay. If the cover is damaged in transit we will send a new cover. We do not replace products that have been damaged or scratched due to spillage or wear and tear but any carefully handled DVD found faulty within 3 months will be replaced. Please contact us if you need to replace an item.

No refund will be given if the product is used with hardware or software incompatible with the currently listed requirements. If for any reason you think you are eligible for a refund please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange or refund if the item(s) are returned in a non-saleable condition or are damaged by the customer.