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Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups


An in depth tutorial covering two ways of adding or extending eyelashes in close-up beauty photography without painting freehand. These techniques are suitable for close-ups and use Pen Paths for the first method. The other technique involves duplication of a small group of lashes or a single eyelash, to thicken and fill in lashes.

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21 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups, demonstrates two completely different ways of adding eyelashes on a closeup beauty image without any freehand painting. In the first method using the Pen Tool, a stroke is applied to individual lashes with a custom brush. The lashes are also duplicated and transformed to give some natural irregularity. To speed up the process it’s also shown how you can stroke sub-paths.

The second method to add eyelashes, makes use of existing lashes and applies the warp and transform tools to make one single lash group go a long way. These two methods are great for those who are not comfortable with painting lashes freehand. This tutorial is suitable for sharp images where the lashes are seen individually and close up. These are not suitable techniques for images where the lashes cannot be seen individually.

What you’ll learn

  • – Add eyelashes by stroking Paths
  • – Configuring a Brush for stroking
  • – Stroking a Path
  • – Stroking a Subpath
  • – Easy duplicate-drag layer
  • – Free Transform, distort and Warp
  • – Nudging
  • – Avoiding repetition
  • – Masking a Group
  • – Making a Master Lash
  • – Blending
  • – Smart Object & Layer Properties
  • – Avoiding color conflicts