Apply Image Channel Blending


Gry Garness demystifies this black art tool 'Apply Image' in Photoshop, demonstrating and explaining its many options and possibilities. This tutorial does not underestimate the power of Apply Image but shows you how you can use it for specific purposes, especially to rescue jpegs that seem to lack detail and tonal variation.

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24 min
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About this tutorial

Apply Image is a phenomenal tool in the right hands. In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Apply Image Channel Blending, Gry demonstrates three ways of using this ‘black arts’ tool in Photoshop for entirely different tasks.

First the tool is explained so that you are fully aware of all the variables which will affect the final result. Then you are shown how to inspect the channels of the image to choose the one(s) that will improve the quality. A shadow-heavy image is lightened in the dark tones without affecting a light blue sky. On the second image the channels are inter-blended to give shape in the skin. On a third image the Apply Image is sourced from a duplicate file in Lab mode for a more creative effect. Finally Gry shows how the latter can also be achieved through adjustment layers. You are advised on when to use it, when to avoid it and when you should opt for non-destructive methods instead.

This is a solid introduction to the complex Photoshop inter-channel operations that you can explore further, once you understand the rules it plays by.

What you’ll learn

  • – What Apply Image Can Be Used For
  • – OVerview Of The Options And Dimensions That Can Be Used
  • – 10 Channels To Blend From
  • – Apply Image Versus Adjustments
  • – When To Use Apply Image
  • – When To Avoid Using Apply Image
  • – Building Shape And Texture In Skin
  • – Opening Up Shadows
  • – Creative Use To Give The Image A Treatment
  • – Inspecting The Channels
  • – Choosing The Target Channel
  • – Choosing The Source Channel
  • – Using A Duplicate Image In LAB
  • – Blending To The Composite RGB
  • – Blending To An Individual Channel
  • – Blending Modes In The Apply Image Dialog
  • – Blending Modes For The Applied Layer
  • – Using The Mask Function In Apply Image
  • – NOn-destructive Alternative To Apply Image For Creative Effects