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Black & White Conversions in Photoshop


Learn the essential secrets to achieving great Black & White conversions in Photoshop. Digital monochrome from RGB has amazing possibilities and Gry demonstrates how to get contrast and tonal separation through awareness of the RGB channels and using the colour of the image to make your own interpretation, whether it's for smoother skin tones or a high contrast image.

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26 min
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About this tutorial

Converting color to Black & White in Photoshop is so much more than simple desaturation. In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Black & White Conversion in Photoshop, the principle is explained from the bottom up so that you can take control of your conversions from RGB colour to monochrome with the depth and contrast you visualized.

A little bit of theory goes a long way and when you understand how for example a bright red can become completely white, you’ll also be able to apply this to skin tones in portraits to control texture and brightness. You are shown 4 easy and practical ways of making Black & White, plus some tips on scans from B & W negatives. This is an essential tutorial for anyone wanting to work in monochrome.

What you’ll learn

  • – Interpretations From Strong Colours
  • – Content
  • – Example Of Traditional B&W
  • – Scan In 16-bit vs 8-bit
  • – Grayscale vs RGB
  • – Dynamic Range
  • – RGB Primaries And How Colours Convert
  • – Desaturation – And Why It’s So Dull!
  • – Channel Mixing
  • – Black & White Adjustment
  • – Separation Of Luminance
  • – Channels, The Anatomy Of Images
  • – Conversion To Grayscale Mode
  • – Using Threshold To Check Clipping
  • – Fixing Clipping On Contrasty Images
  • – A Bill Brandt Style Conversion With Channel Mixer