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Brush Work In Photoshop Retouching


A comprehensive video tutorial on using brushes in retouching. Gry Garness de-mystifies Photoshop's brush options and guides you on setting up the brushes to suit your individual pressure. She also explains different painting techniques. You'll learn how to set up the Wacom tablet tip feel, set all the brush settings and customize some presets. You'll get some good tips on hands-on painting technique and understand what goes on under the bonnet of Photoshop's brush engine.

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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Brush Work In Photoshop Retouching explains tablet based retouching brush technique in depth. Used different brushes for masking, dodging and burning, cloning or painting. This video tutorial shows you all the controls and gives you options to personalize your brush work based on your speed, strength and preferences.

The tutorial is aimed to boost your manual skills – not only the tricks and teaches you all the things you’re normally unaware of as you use brushes for masking. You will also learn how to customize brushes based on the many presets whilst avoiding accidental overrides of the many settings. This tutorial is uniquely for photo retouching using brushes in a very different way from illustrators.

What you’ll learn

  • – The Difference Between Opacity and Flow
  • – Shape Dynamics – When to Use or not Use
  • – Building Density in Single or Multiple Strokes
  • – What the Airbrush Actually Does
  • – Painting Pressure Tailored to Your Own Personal Speed
  • – How to Pick Brushes (4 Ways)
  • – Why Tool Presets are so Reliable
  • – How to Save Your Own Tool Preset
  • – How Adobe’s Brush Presets can Inherit Settings
  • – All the Settings of the Brush Panel
  • – How You Can Use Shape Dynamics, Scattering, Noise, Transfer
  • – The Meaning of Texture, Dual Brush, Color Dynamics, Wet Edges, Build-up, Brush Pose and Smoothing
  • – Brush Tip Shape Customization
  • – Spacing, Frequency and Scattering
  • – What Not to Use for Retouching
  • – What to Use in the Options Bar, Scrubbing, Keyboard Controls, Pressure
  • – Brush Size, Hardness, Preferences and Shortcuts for Changing These
  • – Apple Mac Keyboards and Customizing for Square Brackets in Europe
  • – How Brush Size Affects Hardness
  • – Avoiding Spill in a Mask
  • – How to Achieve Smooth Blends
  • – The Importance of Testing Brushes on a White or Black Document
  • – Eyedropper Sampling Sizes and Using Info
  • – Customizing Wacom Tablet Tip Feel and Pressure
  • – Making a Clumpy Mascara Brush
  • – Types of Strokes: Swish, Push, Rub, Drag etc.
  • – Describing the Hand Movements
  • – Straight Lines and How to Cheat
  • – Stroking a Path with a Brush
  • – Settings and Tips for Other Painting Tools
  • – Safety Net Strategies