Changing The Color Of Clothes


Learn the various techniques to change the color of clothes, based on the colors of the original image. This tutorial uses clothes as an example but the technique can be applied to any object. You'll also discover common problems that you are likely to face when changing an object's color in Photoshop and how to work around them.

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12 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Changing Color of Clothes, is about colorizing clothes but it can be applied to any object, from domestic interiors to beauty products. Changing the object color is demonstrated in two ways. First, a color modification without needing to make a selection – only using the strong color of a dress or object to target the color. We look at how the range is targeted and expanded and how to use two different Photoshop adjustments that can perform the task. On the second image there is no strong color that stands out, so Gry uses a hard selection and a Gradient Map to radically change the color. This shows how to edit the Gradient Map and use blending modes to create a believable color change. This can be difficult when radically changing a color in both hue and brightness. We also use Refine Mask to soften the edges of each mask.

What you’ll learn

  • – Changing A Colour Without A Selection
  • – Using Strong Colours To Your Benefit
  • – Hue Saturation On A Targeted Range
  • – Expanding The Range
  • – Soft-proofing And Gamut Warning
  • – Controlling The Contrast
  • – Blending Modes
  • – Understanding Selective Color
  • – Combining Selective Color And Hue/Sat
  • – Starting With A Hard Selection
  • – Choosing Colours For Gradient Map
  • – Blending To Hue, Color And Multiply
  • – Maintaining The Highlights
  • – Refine Mask To Soften Edges Of Masks
  • – Checking The Edges
  • – Making Spill For The Shadow