Changing Hair Color In Photoshop


Changing hair color in Photoshop demands a good mask for the hair. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a good mask that can be refined further if the color needs it. Following on from that you'll see how the color can be applied while respecting the source color to achieve believable and flattering results.

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About this tutorial

In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Changing Hair Color In Photoshop, you’ll see how changing hair color digitally is not too different from doing it for real. Gry explains how the final color will depend on the starting color. In the tutorial the hair is first masked from the background using a color boost, a selection, Quickmask and Refine Edge. This is performed on an afro hairstyle for a bit of an extra challenge on the edges. In this tutorial we explore a few different ways of applying the color to one particular head of hair, exploring the boundary of what looks natural and making sure the digital hair color blends in realistically.

What you’ll learn

    – How Much You Can Change The Color
  • – Preparing For A Hair Selection
  • – Quickmask
  • – Refine Edge
  • – Solid Color And Blending Modes
  • – Gradient Map
  • – Editing Colors
  • – Checking The Edges
  • – Exploring The Boundaries Of The Colors