Cinematic Style Treatment in Photoshop


This video shows a radical treatment of a warm image with a light background into a moody, deeply glamorous image. The image is given a film feeling in more ways than one. Inspired by the dress and the diva pose, it's driven towards a cinematic feel and is also given a film-like tilt/swing blur as well as some film-type grain. It's more an inspirational tutorial than a strict how-to, giving you ideas and creative pointers.

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52 min
Intermediate - Advanced
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About this tutorial

The Gry Garness Cinematic Style Treatment in Photoshop tutorial demonstrates a treatment of an image with a radical color change, from a warm image to a cool version with contrast. It’s a modern colour treatment but with a retro cinematic feel. The image is given a film look with a ‘large format’ tilt/swing blur, using the Lens Blur filter as well as film-style grain. The tonal values are almost inversed with the skin becoming lighter than the background.

This is one of our longer tutorials demonstrating a methodical workflow towards a total transformation. This tutorial uses both global and selective layers and freehand masking within a selected area. For inspiration and ideas on how to give a moody feel to an image, this one is ideal.

What you’ll learn

  • Using Tilt/Swing Lens Blur
  • Warp Transform Of Hip And Hand
  • Masking Transformed Layers
  • Channel Based Mask/Selection
  • Pen Tool
  • Curves (composite and RGB channels)
  • Hue Saturation With Blending
  • Gradient Maps
  • Color Fill On Selection
  • History And Masks
  • Editing Masks
  • Editing And Troubleshooting Existing Layers
  • Grain And Noise Layers
  • Render Clouds
  • Dealing With Banding