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Cleaning & Refining In Photoshop


Cleaning & refining images in Photoshop is something we spend a huge amount of time doing and it's probably the most essential part of retouching. This Photoshop tutorial is about cleaning images quickly and easily. How to organize the cleaning, tools and navigation and how to catch the distractions.

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37 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Cleaning & Refining in Photoshop is about a big forgotten retouching aspect. Cleaning images in Photoshop is something we spend a huge proportion of our time doing and it’s probably the most essential part of retouching.

This is not a tutorial about cloning or healing brush technique, or even Frequency Separation. It’s about organizing the cleaning process and seeing its value in augmenting the main subject of the image and simply making the image easier to look at. The video covers sensor dust, effective navigation and zooms, defining distractions and how far to take it. You’ll learn mechanical, visual and technical ways of catching the distractions. Gry shows you how to get organized and set up for the cleaning, and how to set up and use the tools.

What you’ll learn

  • – Sensor Dust Zapping
  • – Defining Distractions to Remove
  • – The Advantages of Cleaning Early
  • – Navigation and Zooming for Effective Cleaning
  • – Healing in Camera Raw versus Photoshop
  • – Setting up the Main Tools: Brush, Clone/Stamp, Healing Brush
  • – Alignment
  • – Contrast Helper Layer
  • – Visualisation of Irregularities
  • – Quick Gut Feeling Marking up
  • – Setting up a Layer Stack
  • – Dodging & Burning
  • – Identifying a Pattern
  • – Quick Method for Small Dust
  • – Using History Brush
  • – Patch Tool
  • – Working in Passes & Working ’Scatty’
  • – Fixing a Corner/Wallpaper Join
  • – How Far to Take it: Size and Output