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Cloning & Healing Techniques In Photoshop


The clone tool is usually the first tool for everyone in Photoshop. Gry Garness shows how to take it further, refining the technique and controlling these tools with precision. It's all about taking the right sample, using the right direction, keeping good alignment when necessary and choosing the right brush size. This tutorial demonstrates cloning and healing on 3 different images.

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About this tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, Cloning And Healing Techniques, Gry Garness demonstrates healing techniques in great detail and on challenging images that put the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush to the test. The tutorial shows cloning in alignment, zapping fine veins in eyes on a hi-res image with ultra-sharp areas and off-focus areas with skin bumps. Gry discusses where to use the two tools and what to leave for dodging and burning.

Gry also explains how to set up the Layers and History Brush for partially reverting where needed. A second image deals with the removal of objects and reconstructing a background with irregular textures and lines. On a final image we put frequency separation for cloning and healing to the test and discuss the pros and cons of this.

What you’ll learn

  • – Cloning In Alignment
  • – Where To Heal And Where To Clone
  • – Clone Tool Setup And Layers
  • – Tool Size And Sharpness/Focus
  • – Multiple Undos
  • – The Importance Of Moving Around
  • – What To Leave For Dodge And Burning
  • – Setting Up The Healing Brush
  • – History Brush For Partial Revert
  • – Using The ‘bleeding’ Effect To Your Advantage, And How To Avoid It
  • – Removing Objects Through Cloning And Reconstructing Textures And Lines
  • – Putting Frequency Separation To The Test