Color Adjustments in Photoshop


This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates a professional color correction workflow. You'll learn how to remove of a strong color cast and tease out hidden colors. This results in a sharper image with more depth. Gry Garness performs the adjustments mostly using Curves but also includes Hue, Saturation and Selective Color. You'll also learn to control saturation of targeted colors and check the image for out-of-gamut print colors and clipping.

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30 min
All levels
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About this tutorial

Color adjustments in Photoshop are often made overcomplicated. We can easily lose track of what we want to achieve with the color treatment. In this Gry Garness tutorial, Color Adjustments in Photoshop, Gry explains the reason for each color adjustment and how you build the color adjustments logically, with minimal masking and selective work. Curves is the main tool used here but you’ll also learn how to use Hue, Saturation and Selective Color effectively.

This tutorial is all about achieving control and separating out colors through working the Photoshop Curves channels in RGB. Gry shows how the image in itself provides you with the clues to how you should color correct and how you can target the important areas in the image. She shows what you should look for and how to pay attention to the small details as well as the overall picture. The result is a cleaner, sharper image.

What you’ll learn

  • – Using Clipping Display To Identify Colors And Endpoints
  • – Fine Control Of Tone And Colour In Curves
  • – Controlling The S-curve In RGB And In The Channels
  • – Controlling The Saturation In Curves
  • – Finding Colour Clues In The Image Itself
  • – Bringing Out Hidden Ranges And Variations Of Color
  • – Removing A Cast
  • – Print Gamut Checking And Soft Proofing
  • – Editing Unprintable Colors
  • – Fine Tuning Color Adjustments Layers And Re-editing A Layer
  • – Hue Saturation, 2 Ways Of Targeting Color Range
  • – Using Selective Color, Thinking In Ink
  • – Resulting Sharpness And Depth Through Just The Color Adjustments In Photoshop