Crumples & Moiré in Fabrics


Fabric retouching can be a major factor in fashion and portraits and in this Photoshop tutorial Gry Garness tackles a crumpled dress and some rainbow colored moiré pattern. These are fairly easy techniques using the Healing Brush and Clone/Healing on single color fabric for the crumples and an easy method for the moiré.

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About this tutorial

Retouching fabrics is often a tricky job. In this Photoshop tutorial, Crumples and Moiré in Fabrics Gry Garness tackles a crumpled dress, smoothing out creases and sharp folds as well as zip detail and edge irregularities. There’s no deep science involved but Gry shows how to best use the Healing Brush to match texture and compares it to the Content Aware Fill.

Cloning, Healing and History Brush are also used, as well as a shading layer. Moiré patterns can affect sharp images where the pattern of the camera chip conflicts with a pattern in the image and Gry demonstrates how a rainbow color effect is removed from a blue dress without losing general texture.

What you’ll learn

  • – Best use of Patch Tool
  • – Content Aware Fill Compared To Patch Tool
  • – Cloning And Healing Folds And Joins
  • – Using History Brush To Blend
  • – Shading Folds For More Smoothness
  • – Selection With Pen Tool
  • – Blur And Color Brush
  • – Blending
  • – Masking For Spill