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70 Things To Set Up in Photoshop CC


If you tailor the Photoshop User Interface and set up the Preferences right, you'll save plenty of time and trouble and leverage the tremendous power of Photoshop. Here is the tutorial that shows you how to do it properly, demonstrated by Gry Garness who has done it a zillion times for clients and for herself over the years. Everything is of course, optional but clearly explained. There are also some helpful Mac tips, Color Settings and Tool usage hints.

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About this tutorial

Despite the name, Photoshop isn’t set up for photography and retouching by default. It defaults to settings more suitable for web design and that’s why we really have to whip it into shape in order not to waste precious space on panels you’ll never need or work with color settings that are totally unsuitable for commercial work.

In this tutorial, 70 Things to Set Up In Photoshop, Gry Garness demonstrates how you eyes are influenced by the newer dark interface in Photoshop CC and how you can customize the modes quite easily. In addition to the all-important underlying settings we also customize some tool settings. In short, you’ll learn how to leverage the full hidden powers within Photoshop to make it work for you. Customizing Photoshop like this may sound a bit scary but this is Gry’s 11th version of the application and she’s done it on 10 versions before so you’re in good hands and you’ll save a lot of time when you’ve tailored your application.

What you’ll learn

  • – Setting Up Photoshop Preferences
  • – Tailoring The Interface
  • – Saving, Reloading And Resetting UI
  • – Panel Options
  • – Tool options
  • – Migrating Presets
  • – Loading Presets And Actions
  • – Changing Color Theme
  • – Customizing And Using Background Colors
  • – Crop Tool Behaviour
  • – Color Settings Setup For Photography
  • – A Few Mac Specific Tips
  • – Backing Up And Reloading Settings