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Dodge & Burn Techniques in Photoshop


Dodging & Burning in Photoshop is a technique that's often used to correct skin. Corrective dodging and burning is also the culprit behind most over-retouching and this is something Gry Garness sees often as a Photoshop trainer. This video tutorial will give you a larger set of tools for dodge and burn techniques. It also explains methods to use that will control the color as you are lightening and darkening the skin. All the work demonstrated in this tutorial works non-destructively so that you can mask off or reduce any over-retouching.

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About this tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial Dodge & Burn Techniques in Photoshop, Gry Garness demonstrates various dodge and burn methods to suit different areas of the skin. In this image absolutely all the skin retouching has been performed with dodge and burn. We start with simple dodge and burn directly on a layer using Photoshop’s own dodge and burn tools, explaining its best settings at the same time. Next we use the neutral layer method (with a small twist) and a screen layer. Finally we use curves for corrective dodging and burning and demonstrate a method that lets you tweak the colour.

This tutorial works on two very different images, showing the best dodge and burn approach to each of them. Note that this is dodging and burning to correct the skin, not to carve or create shape. That’s the Shading and Shaping tutorial.

What you’ll learn

  • – Dodge & Burn On Retouch Layer Using Photoshop’s D&B Tools
  • – Corrective Dodging With Curves
  • – Dodging Using A Screen Layer To A Color
  • – Setting Up A Neutral Layer, Where To Place It And How To Set The Dark Swatch
  • – Correcting Mis-coloration In Skin
  • – Dodging And Driving Color To Correct The Makeup
  • – Where Not To Use Dodge & Burn