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Effective Selections in Photoshop


Success with selections in Photoshop depends on the right tool at the right settings for the image. Shortcuts make it easier, letting you make the selections with more confidence and ease. Even when things go wrong you can easily correct it on the fly. Learn how to modify the selections with ease, make precise selections and to navigate and preview during the process of a selection.

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30 min
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About this tutorial

Quick and effective selecting in Photoshop always starts with choosing the right tool. Knowing the shortcuts and controls for the selection tools found in the toolbar is also key to success with selections. You need to know when it’s better to switch a tool to subtract or add pixels, how to constrain or reposition a selection and move selections in a controlled way. In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Effective Selecting in Photoshop, Gry demonstrates some easy ways to modify the selection edges and check the impact. This video is about mastering the selection tools and making selections that can be further refined for a mask. Being good at making selections will drastically speed up your retouching and being flexible about how you make selections is important to almost every retouching workflow.

We recommend you watch this and then follow with the Masking With Ease tutorial once you’ve drilled in these techniques. This is an extended version of the Selections Using Tools from the Gry Garness ‘Retouching Techniques in Photoshop’ DVD.

What you’ll learn

  • – Figure/ground Or Subject/background – What To Select
  • – Magic Wand Compared To Quick Selection Tool
  • – Adding & Subtracting With Modifier Keys
  • – What To Do At A Click Too Far
  • – Tolerance Change On The Fly
  • – Constraining Proportions
  • – Repositioning A Selection In Progress
  • – Modifying And Previewing In Quickmask
  • – Polygonal Lasso
  • – Controlling The Magnetic Lasso
  • – Navigating With The Spacebar
  • – Sample Size For Magic Wand
  • – SWitching Tools For Further Refinements
  • – Inversing Selections
  • – Modifying A Selection With Feather, Smooth, Expand And Contract
  • – Subtracting From The Quick Selection Tool
  • – Moving And Nudging A Selection
  • – Easily Finding The Centre Of An Image
  • – Setting Guides
  • – Perfect Circle Or Square From Image Centre
  • – Transforming A Selection
  • – Saving Selections
  • – Ways Of Loading Selections