Face Shading


This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates skin shading on a neutral layer. It's all about sculpting the contours and making small corrections but staying true to the shape of the face at the same time.

16 min
7 days rental for streaming
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Face Shading, is about improving on the existing shape and lighting; correcting any weaknessses and building on the strangths of the face. It’s simple brush work that creates a more three-dimensional feel and here it’s particularly useful in sharpening up the eye area and separating the jaw contour from the neck. You will also be shown how to see the actual paintwork done on the Neutral layer.

What you’ll learn

  • – Making The Neutral Layer
  • – Keeping A Comparison Image Side-by-side
  • – The Importance Of Brush Size
  • – Sharpening Up The Eyes
  • – Defining The Jaw Line
  • – Protective Selection
  • – Reviewing The Paintwork Layer
  • – Seletive Color Correction