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Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments


Gry Garness shows an ingenious way of preparing a mask for cut-out. It's a great technique for hair and for any image where you have contrasting colors that can be maximized. Learn how to make a pre-mask, modify it in an alpha channel and refine the mask in the final layer mask for the background. At no point does the model get cut away and the method is fully editable. As a final touch the stray hair is cleaned and some gaps are filled.

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About this tutorial

Separating the hair from the background is all about finding contrasts and images do not always separate well tonally. The Hair Masks with Color Adjustments Photoshop tutorial by Gry Garness shows a very different approach to masking. It’s perfect for when you start with a colourful image that has more colour contrast than brightness contrast. In this tutorial the warm and cool colours are driven apart in order to make a pre-mask.

When using adjustment layers you can work selectively in a way that you could never do in a mask. We take the mask further in an alpha channel and finally in the layer mask for the new background. Finally in the last step, there is some refinement of spill and stray hair.

What you’ll learn

  • – Making A Pre-mask In Layers
  • – Hue Saturation, B&W, Curves etc. To Prepare A Mask
  • – Further Modificationb In An Alpha Channel, Using The Info To Check Values
  • – USing Dodge & Burn On Masks
  • – THe Importance Of Leaving The Critical Parts For The Layer Mask
  • – Putting In A New Background
  • – Refining In The Layer Mask
  • – Using Rubylith View
  • – Painting Extra Stray Hairs