Hair Retouching in Photoshop


Hair retouching in Photoshop for beauty and fashion images is one of the trickiest jobs to get right. This tutorial focuses on the vision and precision that's required to successfully retouch hair. Gry Garness is a former hairdresser and in this tutorial demonstrates hair retouching on two different images. In the first image Gry transforms a stylish but messy haircut into a sleek and tidy mane. In the second image some serious gaps in the hairline are grafted and blended seamlessly.

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30 min
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About this tutorial

In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Hair Repair in Photoshop, Gry cleans up the hair and repairs some demanding areas on two different images. She demonstrates how to clone in alignment on cross-hairs, using a very small brush to keep the texture. She reconstructs an area that someone has poorly cloned previously with and without the Clone tool in blending modes. The fringe is fixed and the hair cut rebalanced, removing unwanted hair over the eye. More shine and body in the hair is performed through freehand brushing and stroked paths, giving you different options for how to work based on your skills. The hair is also given more shine through a simple adjustment that doesn’t alter its color. In the second image Gry mends unsightly gaps in the hairline by grafting, warping and masking and all with an awareness of the focus in the hair and avoiding repetition.

What you’ll learn

  • – Fixing Cross-hairs And Irregularities
  • – Cloning In Alignment
  • – Repairing A Previously (badly) Cloned Area
  • – Filling Fringe Gaps And Shaping The Fringe
  • – Opening Up For The Eye
  • – Tackling Tricky Gradients
  • – Using Darken And Lighten Mode
  • – Painting Hair Freehand
  • – Stroking Open Paths
  • – Intensifying Color Without Changing It
  • – Grafting
  • – Warping And Transforming With Smart Objects
  • – Following The Hair’s Direction And Focus
  • – Blending Modes For Grafts
  • – Avoiding Repetition