Judging The Input


This Gry Garness tutorial pinpoints all the capture-quality issues a retoucher needs to look out for in order to fix problems right from the start or ask for another file. Don’t let anyone tell you that quality is subjective! This video sums up the definition of quality, with a close look at issues such as: resolution, size and bit depth, print sizes, focus and how much it can be improved, sharpness and types of sharpness, capture formats, exposure and histogram, color gamut and out-of-gamut color, compression, capture sharpening, gradients and banding, what to do about banding and noise.

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11 min
All levels
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About this tutorial

It’s all too easy to accept the flaws in an image file and go along with the gratification of improving an image that’s ‘broken’ from the outset. But there’s often a chance of getting a better input to work with. Sometimes you just have to ask for it! In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Judging The Input, Gry presents an overview of things to look for in a capture so that you can assess and fix problems from the start and achieve the optimal quality.

Unless you’re very aware, you can be caught out by file size and here we have a rough guide to the 8-bit sizes you’ll need for print. Here’s the truth about sharpness, focus and what sharpening actually does. What is a good exposure? Well that may depend on the capture format. Why is color gamut so important? Why does banding happen and how can we overcome the problem? Is noise always bad? The questions are answered in this video tutorial on image input which is a MUST for Photoshop photo retouchers on every level.

What you’ll learn

  • – Checking the Quality Before Retouching
  • – Resolution/Size and Bit Depth
  • – Standards and Print Sizes
  • – Focus and How Much It Can be Improved
  • – Sharpness and Types of Sharpness
  • – Capture Formats
  • – Exposure and Histogram
  • – Color Gamut and Out-of-Gamut Color
  • – Compression
  • – Capture Sharpening
  • – Gradients and Banding
  • – What to do About Banding
  • – Noise: Good and Bad
  • – Camera Artifacts