Masking With Ease In Photoshop


This Photoshop tutorial demystifies masking and selections. Gry Garness clears up any confusion over channel types and shows exactly what purpose the masks serve. You'll learn a variety of different ways to create masks and when to use Alpha Channels, Quickmask, Rubylith views and Layer Masks. You'll discover how to make selections based on image channels and how to select hair accurately for color adjustment. All the techniques and concepts are presented in a very straightforward and easy way to understand.

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23 min
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About this tutorial

Photoshop masking can be complex but the principles of masking are fairly easy. This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Masking with Ease In Photoshop covers pretty much every aspect of masks and how they relate to selections. It explains the basic principles, puts them into action and gives lots of hands on tips on refining masks.

In the tutorial you’ll discover how to invert channels when needed and make pre-selections to save time. You are given easy options for saving and loading selections. You’ll learn when it’s useful to use a Quickmask and when you’re better served by a channel mask. See the list for what it contains. This tutorial gives you the know-how to start masking with confidence – all in 23 minutes (with no rush!).

What you’ll learn

  • – Masking Instead Of Erasing
  • – Selecting And Revealing/Concealing
  • – Layer Masking And How To Check The Actual Mask
  • – Inverting Masks And Inversing Selections
  • – Saving And Loading Selections Through Menu And Shortcuts
  • – Interacting With The Channels Panel
  • – Finding The Right Channel For Contrast
  • – Using RGB Channels To Create A Selection For Hair
  • – Speeding Up The Job With A Pre-selection
  • – Identifying And Protecting Difficult Areas
  • – Local And Global Tools For Modifying The Mask
  • – Using A Strong Color Layer To Visually Refine The Mask
  • – Editing And Refining Layer And/Or Mask Afterwards
  • – Quickmask To Refine A Selection
  • – Changing Quickmask Color
  • – Refining With Brushes And Filters
  • – Using History Brush With Masking
  • – Checking In Rubylith View