Minimizing Pores


This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates easy ways of reducing the appearance of pores without getting a heavily blurred look. The tutorial uses 3 images with different types of porous skin and explains the methods to use that will retain realism in the final image and avoid an over-retouched look.

20 min
7 days rental for streaming
Also available as part of the subscription products.

About this tutorial

A common issue faced by beauty retouchers is how to reduce the visible pores on a model’s skin whilst retaining realism. This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Minimizing Pores, demonstrates different ways of minimizing pores in skin without creating a plastic texture. This is a quick finishing method for porous skin areas. The tutorial focuses on the blending, the noise and letting some highlight through to make the skin texture believable.

What you’ll learn

  • – Making The Selection
  • – Masking
  • – The Blur & Noise
  • – Split-blending
  • – Using Only Where Strictly Necessary
  • – Grain/Noise On A Grouped Layer