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Retouching Pet Photography


Gry Garness shows you the particulars of retouching cats and dogs. There are some special issues when retouching furry creatures with big eyes and a tail, not to mention whiskers, leads and backgrounds. This is aimed at professionally photographed portraits of ‘real’ cats and dogs rather than pet pageants or show-pets.

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29 min
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About this tutorial

In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Retouching Pet Photography, Gry delivers an overview of typical issues you’ll come across when retouching professional studio images of pets and also more casual portraits of furry creatures. It’s treated as a different kind of portrait retouching where the focus is on fur rather than skin as well as the eyes, mouth and nose areas. It also explains how to get the best possible out of the environment and background both in studio and outdoors.

Special pet issues are tackled; such as leads that get in the way, black fur that doesn’t reflect or picks up ambient colour, ‘fat hairs’, lost whiskers, saliva dribbles, distracting appendages and too many things reflecting in round, glassy eyes. The tutorial refers to techniques covered in-depth in other tutorials and although most of the mini-workflows are given step-by-step pause-notes, it’s recommended primarily for subscribers to Gry Garness videos.

What you’ll learn

  • – Cutouts to White
  • – Creating Realistic White Spill and Shadows
  • – Bringing Out Sharp Detail
  • – Examples of Cat Portraits
  • – Creating a Limited Depth-of-Field with Blur
  • – 3 Ways of Applying Noise to a Blurred Layer
  • – Dogs in an Outdoor Background
  • – Cleaning Distractions
  • – Removing a Dog Lead Using a Protective Selection
  • – Types of Fur
  • – Bringing Out Detail in Black Fur
  • – Removing a Blue Cast in Dark Fur
  • – Bringing Out Shine and Separation with Curves
  • – Test Patch for Local Adjustments
  • – ‘Fat Hairs’ in Out-of-Focus Fur
  • – Reflections in Eyes
  • – Bringing Out Contrast and Detail in Eyes
  • – Strengthen or Re-create Whiskers with Pen Tool
  • – Problems like Hidden Eyes, Tongues Hanging Out, Dribbles, Saliva Bubbles
  • – Warm Colour and how to avoid warming