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Photoshop CS5 Customization For Retouching


Customizing Photoshop only takes an hour to do but will save you hours and days if you do it well. Gry Garness guides you on how to do it, leaving you free to make your own choices but showing you how and where the setups are. We tailor the Photoshop UI to a retouching environment, set up the most important preferences, make keyboard shortcuts and show how to load your Actions and tools.

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26 min
All levels
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About this tutorial

Each version of Photoshop needs to be whipped into shape for retouching work and customizing Photoshop isn’t hard when you know where to find the settings. In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Photoshop CS5 Customization, you are shown how to set up Preferences so that you get the right kinds of cursor, interface background colours, file handling and interpolation method. You will also find out how to construct a tailor-made workspace for the user interface, making more space for the image and the all important Layer and Adjustments panels. You’ll be taught how to save and reload the workspace. We also customize some of the panels and options. Saved Actions and Tools are loaded and we show how Keyboard Shortcuts can be created.

Although this tutorial was originally written for CS5, the information is still applicable and relevant for current versions of Photoshop.

What you’ll learn

  • – Setting Default Interpolation
  • – Choosing HUD Color Picker
  • – Interface Preferences
  • – Custom Background Colors
  • – Documents Opening In Tabs Or Not
  • – File Handling Options
  • – Performance Settings
  • – Cursor Settings
  • – Option For Working In 32 Bit
  • – Tailoring Workspace For Retouching
  • – Making New Panel Groups And Moving Panels
  • – Making More Space For The Image (important For Cs5)
  • – Customizing The Info Panel
  • – Color Panel Vs Color Picker
  • – History Options
  • – Saving And Resetting Workspaces
  • – Loading Your Actions And Tool Presets
  • – Keyboard Shortcuts
  • – Navigation Tips For Working Without Navigator