The Photoshop Layers Workflow


Gry Garness shows a full Photoshop layers workflow for a typical beauty retouching scenario. You will understand how to build up a layer stack and manage the layer order. You'll also learn about the different kinds of layers and smart objects in Photoshop and how to manage them.

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30 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, The Photoshop Layers Workflow is a whole workflow overview in a nutshell. If you watch one workflow tutorial, this is a great ‘modular’ layer workflow. With samples of a great variety of work that goes into beauty retouching and lots of useful tips. The logic of the layer stack is perfectly explained and the result is a retouched image where the layers can be remixed and re-edited at any point. Despite the non-destructive workflow it’s manageable and not too complicated.

This tutorial will also give you ideas for other tutorials to watch, as it branches out to many individual aspects typical of a beauty retouching workflow. In 30 minutes you are given the essence of what a 3-4 hour beauty retouching workflow contains with plenty of details on the different layer aspects.

What you’ll learn

  • – Blank Layers
  • – Layer via Copy
  • – Retouch Layer
  • – Curves Visualise Layer
  • – Screen Layer for Dodging
  • – Neutral Layer for Dodge & Burn
  • – Grouped Layers and Nested Groups
  • – Clipping Layers to Others
  • – Reducing opacity versus Fill
  • – Using Layer Masks
  • – Adjustment Layers for Colour
  • – Smart Objects
  • – Stamp Visible layers
  • – Layer Style
  • – Layer Order
  • – Eyeball Toggling
  • – Rotate View
  • – Transforms
  • – Retouching Smart Object
  • – Linking Layers
  • – Multiple Selecting Layers
  • – Copy Merged
  • – Hair Cleaning
  • – Avoiding Layer Conflicts
  • – Editing the Layer Stack
  • – Move Tool and Transform Controls
  • – Layer Search
  • – Layer Properties
  • – Unlinking Layer Mask
  • – Identifying Layer Content
  • – What To Do Early in the Process