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Refine Selections & Masks in Photoshop


Learn how to use the Photoshop Refine Edge tool to its full potential and discover how it can be used twice to combine hair cutouts with harder edges. This Photoshop tutorial shows Refine Edge and Refine Mask on 3 different images. You'll learn how to control the quality of the edges and cut out a variety of subject matter with precision.

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20 min
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About this tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, Refine Selections & Masks in Photoshop, Gry Garness shows you how to make an easy and realistic cutout in Photoshop. She demonstrates how to refine selections and masks on hard edged objects as well as soft edged objects like fur and hair, using all the features of Refine Edge and Refine Mask. Gry shows 3 ways of using Refine Edge. This is a tool with many possibilities, more than meet the eye and here you’ll learn how to control it, fine tune it, and re-mask with it. It’s great for combining masks too. Note that if you already have the Gry Garness DVD, this is not the same Refine Edge tutorial – it’s a completely re-recorded video with improved use of Refine Edge. This tutorial does not include the older Refine Edge, as it doesn’t have the same capabilities as the post-CS5 tool.

What you’ll learn

  • – The Two Faces Of Refine Edge And Refine Mask
  • – Organizing The Layers Before Selecting
  • – Defining A Good Start Selection
  • – Quickmask Check
  • – The Refine Edge Viewing Modes And Shortcuts
  • – How to control Smart Radius
  • – Refine Edge Show Radius
  • – Edge Inspection Comparing On Layer With Original
  • – Adjust Edge Controls Explained
  • – Avoiding Too-soft Edges
  • – Output Options
  • – Refinement With Only Smart Radius
  • – REfinement With Refine Radius Tool
  • – Erase Refinements Tool
  • – Decontaminate And Output Options
  • – Using History Brush To Combine Masking
  • – Refining The Layer Mask
  • – Cutting out hair and shoulders in two parts
  • – Extremely Simple Hair Selection
  • – Refinements With Burn Tool
  • – Re-editing The Mask In Refine Edge