Retouching Backgrounds


Retouching backgrounds has an amazing impact on the appearance of the subject. In this tutorial Gry demonstrates several examples of real-life scenarios and focuses on two aspects of background retouching. Firstly, straightening verticals without distorting the subject. Secondly, extending a background using Content Aware Scale, which is perfect when a studio background is too small and needs extending. Importantly, Gry also shows a workaround for when Content Aware Scale fails to maintain the model's proportions on a more complex image.

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About this tutorial

Retouching backgrounds in Photoshop can be more complex than retouching the main subject in portraits and fashion images. For portraits the background is all important to how the subject is presented and often tells a story. In the Retouching Backgrounds Photoshop tutorial, Gry Garness demonstrates several examples of how cleaning up the backgrounds brings out the subject by balancing it and removing distractions. Gry shows how to straighten verticals in a complex image without altering the subject in a way that all versions of Photoshop can do. She also shows how to use Content Aware Scale on simple and complex backgrounds. This is a good primer on retouching backgrounds and there will be more tutorials on various aspects of backgrounds coming soon.

What you’ll learn

  • – Retouching On Backgrounds – Client Scenarios
  • – Retouching Backgrounds Impact – Examples
  • – Masking To Protect The Subject
  • – Free Transform Perspective And Skew With Shortcut Controls For
  • – Checking The Edges
  • – When You Have To Clone For Conflicts
  • – Content Aware Scale
  • – Masking To Protect For CAS
  • – Checking Procedure For Distortion
  • – Move & Nudge Shortcuts Viewing In Register