Retouching Under Eye Bags


This Photoshop retouching tutorial demonstrates how lines and shadows under the eyes can be fully retouched out or just reduced, in a close-up image where texture and believability is important.

16 min
7 days rental for streaming
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Retouching Under-Eye Bags, shows how to treat shadows and lines under the eyes in Photoshop. The technique demonstrates how to retouch them completely or just make them less prominent.You will learn how to remove eye-bags completely without looking too fake and how they can be partly brought back using a more believable method than just lowering the opacity.

What you’ll learn

  • – Clean-up And Prepare
  • – Controlling Saturation
  • – Patch Tool
  • – Masking And Revealing
  • – Maintaining Texture
  • – Variations Of Application