Retouching Eyebrows


Learn how to retouch eyebrows in Photoshop on two completely different images. You'll be taken through the process of perfecting eyebrows on a beauty close up and also shown a technique to balance more natural eyebrows to look completely unretouched.

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20 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Retouching Eyebrows demonstrates two ways to retouch eyebrows. One is a close up beauty shot that has had too much pencilling and needs a lot of tidying up, with some removal of pencil on skin. The other is a more natural set of eyebrows in need of some filling and balancing. We look at the hair growth direction and the exterior and interior. Both the more the bushy eyebrows and the more stylized brows need attention to detail and you’ll see that level of detail here.

These techniques are suitable for hi-res beauty and also for portraits of both men and women.

What you’ll learn

  • – 4 Factors For Eyebrow Retouching
  • – Identify Growth Patterns
  • – Hi-res Cloning With Fine Brush
  • – Removing Excess Pencilling
  • – Painting In Eyebrow Hairs
  • – Matching Colour
  • – Painting In Discreet Highlights
  • – Rotating Canvas For Painting
  • – Skimming Off On A Mask
  • – Grafting From The Opposite Brow
  • – Transforms And Warp
  • – Blending
  • – Clip An Adjustment To A Graft