Retouching Eyes


The workflow in this video tutorial is a lesson in faith. Gry Garness takes a deep breath and systematically goes to work on an eye that needs everything thrown at it to transform it into the beauty shot it was intended to be. This is the retouching tutorial for the eye itself. The eyebrow and eyelash retouching are covered separately in later tutorials.

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36 min
Intermediate - Advanced
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About this tutorial

Retouching eyes in Photoshop on a close-up hi-res image where all the details are shown to the extreme is a great retouching challenge. In this Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Retouching Eyes, the sample image has a lot of issues and for a beauty image it may seem borderline impossible at first. And that’s why it’s perfect for this tutorial, as it covers every problem in the book. Every little vein, lash and highlight has to be considered.

As always when working for a client, we have to keep it editable and organize the layer stack well. Gry demonstrates how to clean the interior and exterior of the eye, tidy up the eyelashes and the rims, repair the shape of the iris, improve the striations and remove some unwanted reflections. Color correction for the eye is performed in Curves, adjusting the color by the numbers.

What you’ll learn

  • – Dodging On A Screen Layer
  • – Cleaning On A Blank Layer
  • – Healing And Cloning The Veins While Keeping The Spherical Shape
  • – Pre-brightening
  • – Grafting An Uneven Iris
  • – Color Correction By The Numbers In Curves
  • – Color Adjustment For Redness (Selective And Gradient)
  • – Removing Unwanted Reflections
  • – Improving Iris Pattern And Striations
  • – Adding Shape With A Highlight
  • – High Pass For More Pop And Shape