Retouching Lips


On a close-up beauty shot of lips for a lip-gloss packaging you really get to see the lip retouching in detail. The retouching work demands concentration and accuracy. In this tutorial Gry Garness makes a natural lip definition with the help of a Path and then uses the selection to perform several operations that would have been time consuming and irregular otherwise. She finishes off by creating a really juicy colour in the colour channels of Curves.

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22 min
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About this tutorial

Close-up beauty retouching of lips on a hi-res image demands a lot of precision. In this Photoshop tutorial, Retouching Lips, Gry Garness demonstrates methods that can be applied to any lip retouching. Here we keep the lips soft, while defining them better, tweaking the symmetry and cleaning the edges and interior. We also eliminate excessive reflection edges and give the lips a powerful color adjustment. The Pen tool is ideal for lips selections and we use it here to define the lips and create a lips layer with great precision. If you don’t master the Pen tool you can make your own favourite type of selection and refine it in Quickmask. You’ll also find that there are lots of tips on what to look out for and how to avoid layer conflicts.

What you’ll learn

  • – Improving On The Symmetry
  • – Cleaning Up The Lips
  • – Free Transforms
  • – Darkening Lower Teeth
  • – Eradicating A Sharp Reflection Line
  • – Selectively Correcting Unwanted Colors
  • – Pen Tool To Define Lips
  • – Modifying Selection In Quickmask
  • – Cleaning The Edges With Protection
  • – Skimming The Edge With Hidden Selection
  • – Brush Blending Modes
  • – Curves For A Juicy Color