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Sharpening & Selective Sharpen in Photoshop


An in depth look at sharpening techniques in Photoshop, explained by Gry Garness. How to find the best radius, control contrast impact and suppress noise. This tutorial uses a range of different images and variety of sharpening techniques: Unsharp Mask for both digital capture and film, 2-way sharpening, Luminosity Fade, sharpening in Lab mode, Smart Object sharpening with editing, masking and blending, High Pass sharpening, Sharpening with skin protection, and Shake Reduction for rescue of camera shake.

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About this tutorial

Sharpening in Photoshop is easy to do but hard to master. This Gry Garness tutorial, Sharpening and Selective Sharpening in Photoshop, explains it from the bottom up and shows an easy approach to finding the right radius and controlling the amount for different images. Gry demonstrates the importance of visual assessment and how one image will differ from another depending on the type of capture, texture, noise and skin detail. Through a variety of sharpening techniques the method is clearly explained with the views and previews taken into account at every step.

This tutorial covers Unsharp Mask for digital capture and film, two-way sharpening, fading to luminosity versus sharpening Lightness in Lab mode, Sharpening Smart Objects with editing, masking and blending, High Pass sharpening, Sharpening with skin protection and a brief look at Shake Reduction for rescue of camera shake. This tutorial is mainly on output sharpening for print and screen. It’s a comprehensive tutorial but it’s not rushed!

What you’ll learn

  • – The Principle: Sharpening Isn’t Really Sharpening!
  • – Using Photohop’s Unsharp Mask
  • – Establishing A Benchmark In USM
  • – Controlling Radius
  • – AMount & Threshold & Noise Control
  • – Blending To Luminosity
  • – Using History Brush Locally
  • – Ideal Sharpening Views And Easy Preview
  • – Sharpening In Lab Mode With Colour View
  • – Compare Lab Sharpening Vs Other
  • – Two Way Sharpening For Shape
  • – Sharpening A Smart Object
  • – Blending, Masking And Re-editing Smart Filter
  • – Sharpening For Skin
  • – High Pass Sharpening On Smart Object
  • – Shake Reduction For Rescue Of Camera Shake