Skin Colors


This Photoshop tutorial gives you the key information on how to read and manipulate skin colors. It shows you the numerical CMY relationships for most common skin types. It also explains and shows the effect of pushing the color in different directions and how even very small color changes can have a good or bad impact.

7 min
All levels
7 days rental for streaming
Also available as part of the subscription products.

About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Skin Colors, shows how we manipulate skin colors, looking closely at CMYK numbers even when in RGB. It shows a wide variety of different images and skin types and advises on how to handle over-saturated skin. You’ll also learn, on three different types of skin, how skin tones are affected when small color changes are made in Curves.

What you’ll learn

  • – Lots Of Examples
  • – What Happens When Contrast Is Added
  • – Avoiding Straight Desaturation
  • – Thinking In CMY While In RGB
  • – Learning The Relationships Between The Numbers
  • – Ethnic Variations
  • – Caucasian Variations
  • – Samples Of Manipulation With Color Star