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Skin Smoothing & Digital Powder


Gry Garness believes that skin smoothing should only be used is small amounts but in this tutorial the techniques are shown used to their limits for your benefit. These two techniques are potentially powerful but can be used light-handed and are designed to let the highlights through. This tutorial includes the popular Digital Powder method which tightens pores and reduces blotchiness, as well as a simpler technique that also keeps the skin texture intact.

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26 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Skin Smoothing & Digital Powder, shows how to use two totally different techniques to retouch skin. The first is performed on a man and uses the most common basic method with a couple of unique twists. This aims to keep the highlights and shape of the skin even when using blurring for a more flawless finish.

The second method is Gry’s unique variant of the High Pass and Linear Light ‘degrunge’. Done this way, you avoid the offsetting that tends to give double eyebrows and bleeding around features. It also shapes the skin nicely and pulls out the highlights. When this is performed on retouched skin, it gives the most flawless finish, tightening the pores and obliterating blotches, effectively like a light reflecting digital powder.

What you’ll learn

  • – Skin Smoothing Performed On A Man
  • – Using The Pen Tool To Define A Skin Selection Outline
  • – Quickmask To Refine Selection
  • – Avoiding Adjustment Layer Conflicts In Layer Stacks
  • – Modifying Shape And Texture On Gausian Blur Layer
  • – Split-blending
  • – Masking It Easy And Eliminating Spill
  • – Tightening Pores And Blotches
  • – High Pass Method Extended
  • – Avoiding Off-setting
  • – Preserving Reality And Retaining Texture And Highlights