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  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook
  • Hidden Colors ebook

The Hidden Colors – Practical Color Theory for Photography & Post-production


#1 ebook in the series Color in Photography and Digital Imaging. If you work in photography, retouching, TV and film grading or design, this is as important as any retouching technique! The Hidden Colors – Practical Color Theory ebook makes the subject of color theory fun and easy. The key to success in colour photography and retouching is knowing what makes colors affect each other. After-images and simultaneous contrast may cause havoc with your best-laid color themes but learn how to harness color interplay and you can really rise above the snapshot and create attractive schemes, ranging from the subtle pop to the big wow!

63 page
All levels

About this ebook

This Gry Garness ebook, The Hidden Colors – Practical Color Theory, is a 63 page interactive PDF all about setting colours off against each other. Allowing you to get the best impact and avoid unintentional color effects that can easily occur if you’re unaware. It’s not just grading trickery that makes the images of top photographers so compelling. The secret of color grading lies beyond the subject colors, in the hidden colors that your brain spontaneously responds with. The book demonstrates how you can be fooled to see color that isn’t really there and why this happens. Here you will learn how to make it work in your favour.

Gry gives you the know-how to plan your color shoots, choosing the best colors of models’ clothes for their skin, using backgrounds that harmonize and don’t distort, setting good viewing environments and lighting. Although this is not a Photoshop book, it will help you get good outcomes when you tweak the colors in manipulation and finding the right setup in Photoshop and in your workspace.

The color theory is illustrated with images that get straight to the point, practical applications and nuggets of wisdom from great artists and color gurus in the form of pop-ups.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Color
  • – Use Color Symbolism Effectively
  • – Verbally Communicate Color with Retouchers, Designers, Stylists and Printers
  • – Know how Colors Affect us Psychologically
  • – Understand how Color Blindness Works and What a Color Blind Person Sees
  • – Estimate the Effect of a Background on a Model’s Appearance
  • – Design your Workspace for Optimal Viewing
  • – Set Up and Use the Photoshop Viewing Modes
  • – Be Wise to a Number of Reproduction Quirks of Certain Colors
  • – Understand Various Optical Quirks and Factors that Affect our Perception
  • – Understand and Utilize the Concepts of Color Harmony
  • – Plan for Skin Colors, Greenery, Cityscapes, Interiors and Product Photography
  • – Digital/Analog Characteristics of Colors Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black
  • – Combining the Primaries Above with Other Colors
  • – Gain an Insight Into the Secrets of Great Colorists
  • Introduction: Color As We See It
  • – Color and Culture
  • – Theories and Systems of Color
  • – How the Eye Receives Color
  • – Properties and Characteristics of Color
  • – Primary Colors
  • – Other Primaries
  • – Cold Versus Warm
  • – Two Different Color Processing Systems
  • – Which Theory is Right?
  • – Simultaneous Brightness Contrast
  • – It’s Just an Illusion
  • – The Digital Kitchen
  • – The Three Photoshop Viewing Modes
  • – Changing the Photoshop Modes
  • – Other Factors That Affect Perception
  • – Reproduction Quirks
  • – The Quality of Whites
  • – The Contrast and Detail of Blacks
  • – Color Vision Deficiencies
  • – Types and Degrees of Color Blindness
  • – Testing for Color Blindness
  • – Color Harmony Theories
  • – Composing Color Photographs
  • – Subjects: Skin
  • – Subjects: Greenery and Nature
  • – Subjects: Urban Exteriors and Interiors
  • – Subjects: Fashion and Products
  • – Post-Production
  • A Study of Individual Colors
  • – Red
  • – Red Combos
  • – Green
  • – Green Combos
  • – Blue
  • – Blue Combos
  • – Yellow
  • – Yellow Combos
  • – White
  • – Black
  • – Gray
  • What Makes a Good Colorist?
  • – The Colors of Great Colorists: Photographers
  • – The Colors of Great Colorists: Painters
  • – Famous Last Words
  • – Taking it Further