Tool-free Selections In Photoshop


This tutorial demonstrates different techniques you can use to make a selection without using any selection tools. Instead selectiosn are made by using either a channel or Color range to harness the power of the image itself.

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9 min
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About this tutorial

Making the image work for your selections is a big secret in Photoshop. This tutorial is simple but it will open up new avenues if you don’t already use these methods. These are time-saving selections with much more pixel precision than any ‘hand-made’ selection in Photoshop, but Gry explains that they have to be used with care, combined with very simple adjustments. These kind of selections are best used for color corrections but can be the starting point for other uses.

What you’ll learn

  • – Pre-selecting
  • – A Selection Within A Selection
  • – Selection Previews In Color Range
  • – Eyedroppers And Shortcut Keys In Color Range
  • – Using It For Curves
  • – Refining Spill On The Layer Mask
  • – Using A Weak Color Range To Desaturate
  • – Luminance-based Selection
  • – Loading A Channel
  • – Quickmask
  • – Content
  • – Inverse Selection