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Using Gradient Map in Photoshop


The Gradient Map in Photoshop is a very useful tool for controlling the tonal contrast of an image and for split toning. This tutorial demonstrates how a gradient can be edited and applied through the Gradient Map tool with one simple blending mode.

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About this tutorial

The Gradient Map in Photoshop maps one color to the highlights and another to the shadows, usually with a gradient fading in-between the two and mapping the midtones accordingly. This Gry Garness tutorial, Using Gradient Map in Photoshop, demonstrates its use for 3 different purposes – to reduce contrast, to boost contrast while controlling the effect on mid tones, and finally to achieve a creative and contemporary colour effect with a split tone (giving the highlights one hue and the shadows another). The tutorial shows how to edit the points and design your own gradient. You’ll learn how to control the Gradient Map to achieve your own effects.

What you’ll learn

  • – Using Gradient Map With Soft Light
  • – Reducing Contrast
  • – Boosting Contrast
  • – Editing The Gradient Color Points And Midtones
  • – Comparing Gradient Map To Channel Mixer
  • – Refining The Midtone Contrast
  • – Split Toning Colors