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Lines & Wrinkles Retouching


Using a mature portrait Gry Garness demonstrates how to reduce wrinkles to minimize them but not completely remove facial lines. Two different retouching techniques are shown that can be used individually or combined. This Photoshop tutorial focuses on the painting skill and the care used when applying the layers to achieve a realistic, not over retouched image.

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19 min
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About this tutorial

This Gry Garness Photoshop tutorial, Lines & Wrinkles Retouching is about reducing lines and wrinkles, not removing them completely. The aim is to keep the lines proportionate but much lighter. Gry shows two different techniques that can be used individually or combined. Here it’s taken to the ultimate strength but with the option to dial it down, mask it more and keep it looking believable. This wrinkle reduction technique can be used on men and women.

Gry discusses the difference between character portraits and vanity portraits and how wrinkles may not be the worst aging factor. The techniques used here are not rocket science but the painting skill and the care used when applying the layers are the main focus, as well as the assessment of how far to take it.

What you’ll learn

  • – Character Portraits vs Vanity Portraits
  • – Reducing Without Removing Lines
  • – The Other Retouching Before Line Reduction Shown
  • – Dodging to Reduce Deep Lines
  • – How to Avoid Losing Your Bearings
  • – The Importance of Working Quickly
  • – Making a Merged Skin Layer
  • – Patching for Preserved Texture
  • – Setting up a Suitable Brush
  • – Brushing Technique
  • – Avoiding the Blurred Look
  • – Assessing Balance and Strength
  • – Retouching Extra Irregularities